Loving the sun!

How lovely is it to have a sunny weekend! I can't remember the last time it happened. It is actually pretty warm too and supposed to be for the next week so I'm happening this is officially the start of spring. Bring it on!

Not too much of excitement has been going on here! Hub had a friend's wedding yesterday so left the house before 9 to get there. His friend provided a room at the hotel for him and others even though it's only about 40 minutes from where we live. Super nice and no need for me to play taxi driver or for hub to sleep in his car. The latter would probably be what would have happened. He called me last night before he went to the second party to say a bunch of them were going to have lunch today and he wouldn't be home until 3. I hung up on him after hearing that and he apparently realised it wasn't a good idea and was home by 11:30. He is now outside playing soccer with Liam and the three of us went for a walk to a nearby park a little earlier.

Liam and I actually had a nice day yesterday! We took advantage of the weather and went to the nearby Michi no Eki with a lunch box that we made together. There is a river with ducks and carp so we had a bit of a wander and then he played in the park there. The wind was rather chilly yesterday though so it was a bit much for me after a while and we came home. I used a 7-11 ice cream to bribe him to leave so we were all happy :-) I had a class here late yesterday arvo but Liam kept himself entertained with a DVD. We then had lasagna for dinner which was very yummy. I hadn't made it for ages but Liam loved it too and had a massive helping. I had lots too but left room to pig out on a yummy crunchy filled cadbury block of choc after Liam went to bed.

It has been quite a weekend of eating actually. Liam and I had pancakes for breakfast with some fresh fruit. I am still full I'm sure that will change soon. Hub has offered to make me tofu gyoza for dinner which is one of my fave foods.

Everything with Miss M is going well and my stomach is getting very big. I think it's about the same size as it was when I gave birth to Liam. It's suddenly got more pronounced so I have lots of random people commenting on it. I was back at the doctor last week and everything is looking good. He was happy that I haven't put on much weight the last month and asked if I had been putting in a special effort or was feeling too sick to eat. Neither is true though! The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Liam. I put on lots of weight at the beginning and basically nothing for the last 2 months. It would be nice if that was the case this time but we will have to wait and see. Miss M is average size according to the doctor but when I looked at some charts with average weights she seemed to be biggish. Nay, we will have to compare weights lol! I guess we can only wait and see too.

Enjoy the sun everyone!!!!


Oh so tired.....

I think I have been unlucky enough to catch Liam's strep throat. At first I thought it was just allergies but yesterday and today I have been feeling awful. I am also super irritable which one of my students told me was a symptom of strep throat. Loss of appetite is also one apparently but not for me! I always wish I was one of those types who got sick and could lose weight lol. I probably eat more when I am sick as I feel sorry for myself. I made the choc-coconut slice that Achan posted this afternoon as my Aussie friend and her two girls are coming over for a play date on Tuesday. I of course had to try some to see if it was okay and it was rather hard to stop. It has been quite an eating weekend actually so now I am too scared to weigh myself.

Liam is fortunately all better but has to take antibiotics for two weeks. He has to take three doses a day which is hard to remember and as we are not that organised re: eating meals at the same time it takes a bit of thinking about.

Even though I have been feeling a little off, I have managed to get quite a bit done over the weekend. I took advantage of the sunny weather and washed all of the baby clothes I had given it to me from a friend. I also bought a few plastic drawers to put everything away in. Mum sent a box over of the stuff she had bought so I already have three big drawers full. I have quite a lot of 0000s so I hope baby isn't too big and can get a bit of use out of them. Speaking of baby, we have pretty much decided on a name which I will keep secret for the time being but I might use it to give her the nickname, Miss M :-)

Liam has his daycare concert next week and we were instructed to prepare a light blue top and pants by tomorrow. This proved to be quite a difficult task as there is really not that much light blue stuff around for boys but we finally found something that will have to do. They are more of an aqua like colour but were cheap which is always good. He is supposed to be playing a donkey so I have no idea why he is a blue donkey lol. We also went to Toys R Us to buy Liam a new helmet. I also got a cute pink baby blanket and some handkerchiefs. I am gradually getting stuff together which is good. The only big stuff we have to get are a car seat and a sling but we have basically decided on both online.

This week is not too busy workwise which is good. We do have a long day tomorrow though as I have my first class at 10 and my last at 5:30 so we won't get home until after 7. I only have 4 classes in total though plus Liam's swimming class and a dentist appointment for me. Liam is coming with me to the dentist so I hope he behaves. I told him he had to hold my hand like I do for him :-)

Alright I am ready for bed already so I had better try and get the boys of the house organised. Hope everyone has a great week!


Annoying husbands.......

My husband is seriously driving me crazy lately! He is constantly leaving stuff lying all around the place so all I seem to do is pick up after him and Liam. He has managed to lose Liam's bike helmet which is a mystery as he swears he was wearing it when they came home from their last ride. I have to admit he is a good dad and spends a lot of time with Liam but the way they play drives me insane. They are always so loud and boisterous which I wouldn't mind if it was during the day but they are like this after dinner every night. I think being pregnant and the hormones is making everything more annoying but aargh I am so over it. I have begun to think that the whole tanshin funin (husband living in another city for work and just coming home on hols) might be a nice set up.

Liam was sick this week with strep throat. He chucked a major tantrum on Sunday morning over eating his breakfast which I was rather unimpressed about as I had made him an especially yummy one. There were lots of tears on his behalf and yelling on mine and he finally sat down and ate it. We then got in the car to go to You Me City which is about an hours drive from here. He started complaining of a sore stomach and seemed to have a bit of a temp. We were almost there so continued on our way and I ended up buying a baby futon set and some shinkenja glow in the dark (didn't realise that until that night!) pajamas for Liam. He was definitely not 100% though so we headed home after about an hour. Ryuji decided that he had a temperature because I had made him cry that morning. Typical male comment hey! Liam spent most of the arvo sleeping but his temp was gone by that night. It went up again quite high during the night though so I decided to cancel all my classes on Monday and take him to the doctor. The test for strep throat came back negative but after the doctor checked his throat he still decided to diagnose him with. He seems to have been right as after a couple of days on antibiotics he is fine again. I was told to keep him home from daycare yesterday so did so but he was back again today. There were so many kids missing today though! The flu has apparently come back with a vengeance and there are lots of other stomach bugs and stuff going around. This was the first time Liam had been sick for months so hopefully it all doesn't hit him now. Bring on spring, warmer weather and less illnesses!

The males in our household apart from hub have actually been under the weather. Our cat Miffy, who despite his name is male has been in the wars. He is severely neglected as we are so busy and Liam has taken over but on Friday I realised he wasn't his usual genki self and after checking him out realised he couldn't put weight on one of his back legs. Ryuji and Liam took him to the vet while I taught on Saturday morning and were told that he had been in a fight but not to worry as his leg wasn't broken or anything. The vet gave him a couple of needles and us some tablets to give him. He has been very quiet up until today not really eating and just sleeping in his bed but this morning was very vocal about wanting to go outside. I let him out but haven't seen him since so hopefully he is okay.

I had to go to the baby doctor yesterday so baachan came over and looked after Liam for me. Baby girl is growing nicely and apparently a bit bigger than average at 1300g at almost 29 weeks. I was always told Liam was smallish and he was only 2986g even though he was 8 days late. It will be interesting to see what baby girl ends up weighing. I was a massive baby at 4200g so I'm hoping she hasn't taken after me :-) She is very active though which is good! I start to feel paranoid if she hasn't moved for a while but fortunately that doesn't happen very much.

Starting to feel sleepy so had better go and do my chores and get myself up to bed. Hope you all are having a fun filled week :-)