Busy busy.....

Lots has been happening since I last posted. I had an easier than usual work week as I had a couple of afternoons off at the school I teach at because of parent/teacher interviews. I have also had a few cancellations because of the flu. We are all healthy for the moment so hopefully we stay that way for a while.

I had a lovely afternoon last Wednesday. I had a big gap between classes so first I met my Canadian friend Beth for a yummy Italian lunch and then I took myself off to the movies. I watched The Ugly Truth which was silly as expected but light and soppy so I enjoyed it. I took in a secret stash of choccies so that made it more enjoyable too.

I have been to the hospital to visit my friend Kerry for the last two days. Her 2 month old, Mia has the RS virus and as she is so little her doctor wants to monitor her and make sure it doesn't get too serious. Mia is dealing with it all very well and is still her cute smiley stuff but I feel sorry for Kerry. She is stuck in this tiny little room that only has a fold up bed and TV in it and she is feeling very bored. She has two older kids who are not allowed to visit so she is missing them too. I spent a few hours with her today and yesterday so at least she had a bit of company. I also enjoyed the break away from Liam (I am over using initials!) and hub. I just told hub I am happy that he will be back at work tomorrow as I will at least get a bit of peace and quiet lol!

As hubby was outside painting again today I decided that Liam and I should bake a cake to keep him occupied. I am not much of a baker and can only remember ever making one cake before so I was a little worried about how it would turn out but it ended up being okay. We had a few ripe bananas so I found a recipe online for one with lemon icing. Hubby reckons the icing was sour but this is the man who thinks that strawberries are sour so I didn't expect anything else :-) Liam who in the end didn't help at all in the baking process thinks it's yummy tho. I also made a big fruit salad as I have been craving it lately. I took up both some cake and fruit salad to my friend in hospital and both were hits. I saw her dinner before I left and I don't how she is surviving on such unappetising food. She is using it as a good chance to diet :-)

It is now less than a month until my mum arrives which we are all looking forward to. It makes life so much easier having her around to help out with Liam when I am teaching such crazy hours. He is also going through an anti daycare phase so he will enjoy staying at home with his granny. Hubby is looking forward to the Bundy Rum she always brings over for him. My brother and his wife are coming over for Christmas which will be lovely too. It will be the first time we have all been together for Christmas and the first time in 4 years that my mum, bro and I have been together. My mum usually alternates between spending it here or with my brother and this year she was supposed to be in Australia but my brother decided to come here. Yay! I am little bit sad that I will probably be the only sober one on Christmas day but I will have to make up for it in the eating department.

I am back to the doctor on Friday for my monthly check up. I am looking forward to it as I feel so normal and not particularly pregnant so it will be reassuring to have an ultrasound and see bub. I will be 18 weeks so I'm hoping there might be a chance I can find out the sex but not too hopeful as my dr has a reputation of not saying anything until he is 99% sure. Can always hope though :-)


Weekend eating!

I guess it's a common thing but I always seem to make a huge pig of myself on weekends. We are pretty busy during the week and not home a lot which is definitely a good thing! I have had the nibbles all day. Even though dinner is not too far away I just made myself a mini feast of cheese and tomato on crackers. It would have gone down even better with a glass of red but alas that won't be happening for a while.

It has been a pretty quiet weekend here. I had a couple of classes yesterday, one in the city and one at home. I went and had my haircut before my first class which was nice and relaxing. I love love the shampoo time! I got a free treatment which was a nice surprise. I used to get my hair coloured professionally too but it was getting a bit expensive so mum is now sending me over cheap Aussie hair dye and hub dyes it for me. He bitches and moans about having to do it but actually does a good job. Better than my mum who gets it all over my face and I then have to walk around for a few days with random wine red smudges on my face. Haha luckily my family doesn't know about this blog. I am actually a bit shy about sharing it with people I know! Is that weird?

Hub has been painting again today so I have had the job of keeping L entertained and stopping him going outside and whining at daddy. I don't really mind R having to deal with the whining but I don't trust L not to wander off. Last week he was missing for over half an hour as he went off with the neighbour to walk his dog. R had basically seen them go off but wasn't sure. Silly man! I made him go off in the car to look for them which he did but he came back saying they looked so happy that he just let them be. If it was me L would have been snatched away and taken home for a severe talking too. He still ended up getting the talking too but it happened when he finally got home with a yellow flower (weed?) for mummy and a strange nut like thing for daddy.

L and I went to get our seasonal flu shots on Friday. We ended up having to go to two different doctors as the place I had mine done wouldn't give L his as he had never been a patient there and they were giving priority to their existing patients. Very silly I thought! R goes there too and as he got the vac through work doesn't need to get it done. I tried to use this as an argument for letting L have his but of course he didn't work. So off we went to another clinic to get his done. They are offering the vac quite cheaply so it was a mad house. After it was done the doctor told us he probably wouldn't be able to get the second one as there would be no vaccines left. Dodgy!


Flu season!

Does a day go by lately where you don't have a conversation with someone about the flu? Lordy, I am watching the repeat of the Yankees game on TV and they just mentioned it on there. I teach 4 private classes at home on Thursday and they turned out to be very quiet. The parents of 4 kids let me know in advance that they wouldn't be coming. One boy has the new flu but not sure about the others. Then my last class which is with two sisters just didn't show up and I haven't heard anything from them. Very bizarre! I was kind of happy though as it meant my day finished early and I had time to throw dinner for hub before L got home from baachans.

So now I am having dilemmas about vaccinations and wondering if I should just go with H1n1 (is that right?) or have the seasonal one too. I had pretty much decided against having the seasonal one but after doing some reading am thinking maybe it would be better to have it. I didn't have it when I was pregnant with L or when he was a baby but then I ended up getting the flu when he was about 8 months old. It was harsh but bearable even without meds as I didn't want to take anything as I was breastfeeding. But if getting it will have an affect on the baby that's a different matter. So I will do some ringing around tomorrow and see if there are any places around that still have some vaccines available. I want L to get his regardless of what I decide on.

Aussie friend K was supposed to be coming over tomorrow with her two lovely girls, 2 year old E and almost 2 month old M. She has a son the same age as L but he goes to kindy so wasn't going to come. She mailed me earlier to say that he is sick though and will be off kindy and as she doesn't want to give us anything they will stay away. It has been a while since I've had a good gossip session with another foreign pal so it's a bit of a bummer but as I don't have a class until 3 L and I can have a nice relaxing morning. Hopefully L will sleep in a bit. I have actually trained him quite well and he is not an early riser. I'm sure it is a result of all the lie ins we had when he was a baby as he was not much of a night time sleeper.

So as I said earlier I am watching the baseball! I always loved watching sport on TV in Australia but after coming to Japan couldn't really get in to anything here. I then discovered major league baseball and became a quick fan. I follow the Yankees and am a big Matsui fan so was over the moon to hear that they won the World Series today and that Matsui was named MVP. Yay! I couldn't watch the game live this morning but it is being repeated now. I would have been quite tense if I watched it this morning but now I know the result it's all good.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and even better weekend. Stay warm and healthy!