My baby girl decided to make her appearance at 2:30AM on Saturday (April 24). I will try and post a birth story soon but I ended up having a very quick labour. We arrived at the hospital at 1AM and she was born an hour and a half later :-) So I was very lucky! I negotiated with my doctor to spend only 3 nights in the hospital so we arrived home this morning. The hospital stay was a bit more relaxing than the first time but I was still very bored. Fortunately mum spent most of the day up there with me so I had someone to chat to and look after Kayla while I showered and stuff like that. Ryuji and Liam popped in and out over the weekend and Liam spent the day there yesterday too. I also had lots of visitors which was nice.

Kayla has been a very easy baby so far. She was a bit grumpy on her second day but I think that was mostly because my milk hadn't come in properly and she wasn't being properly satisfied. My milk came in yesterday and she has been happy to feed and sleep most of the time since. I know it probably won't last for long but it's nice while it lasts. I've had lots of time today to catch up on the computer as I was having net withdrawal symptoms while I was in hospital.

Okay, I am back a couple of days later. Our first days at home have been good. Kayla is a bit more awake during the day and at night but she is quite easy to pacify. Last night she kept on waking up after I put her down in her bed after feeding so at about 5 I was exhausted and gave up and let her sleep with me. She woke up around 7:30 for a feed and then we both slept until 11 which was lovely.

We are back to the hospital tomorrow as because we left the hospital early she couldn't get all the tests done she needs. So tomorrow she will have her second jaundice test and also the one where they prick her foot (what is that for again?). They will also check her weight. She had already regained about 100g on the morning we left hospital and is wetting plenty of nappies so all should be good. It will be nice to get out too. Even though yesterday Liam and I popped out to the bakery much to MIL's horror haha.

Liam is adjusting quite well. He is a bit more attention seeking and seems to be even louder than usual but is quite smitten with Kayla and always remarks how lucky he is to have a beautiful baby sister. He is also looking forward to going to Australia and as I had told him we were going after Kayla is born he is always asking about it.

Anyway, I still have no idea how to post photos on here but if anyone is interested in seeing some please befriend me on Facebook :-) I am Nikki Ehira. Yoroshiku!



So as expected I am past my due date for the second time :-) I am glad to have got through Liam's birthday and now don't mind that there are going to be at least a few days between their birthdays. Waiting 2 weeks doesn't sound too fun though so I hope miss decides to make her appearance before GW or at least the end of it. I don't really have any signs of labour though and baby still seems to be quite high up. I tried lots of stuff out to try and start labour when I was late with Liam and nothing worked so this time I am just trying to get out and walk most days. Unfortunately the weather has been rather dodgy but we did have a fairly decent walk this afternoon when the rain had cleared up.

Today we spent an unusual day at home. I have been spending way too much time on the computer but also had a long phone chat with a friend in Osaka which broke the day up a bit. We have lots on tomorrow which is good. Liam has a dentist appointment in the morning, then we are meeting up with a friend for lunch and after that will do some shopping.

Liam's birthday party on Sunday went well. The food was yummy, all the kids seemed to enjoy playing together and the mums got to have a good chat. We went out to have sushi with the inlaws that night. Then on Monday, his actual birthday, mum and I took him to a nearby safari park. We took a picnic lunch and he enjoyed checking out the animals and having a play at the little amusement park there. He then had swimming that afternoon and loved telling anyone who would listen that he was now 5.

Am sure I will be updating again before Miss K makes her appearance but any bring on labour vibes would definitely be appreciated :-)


39 weeks!

I was 39 weeks on Wednesday so hopefully will have a baby in my arms before the end of the month. I'm pretty sure my doctor waits for two weeks after the due date to induce but I really hope that doesn't happen to me. Especially as that would be May 5th, the last day of Golden Week. I really don't want to be induced either. Anyway, I am happy that it looks like I will be around for both Liam's birthday party on Sunday and his actual birthday on Monday. My mum arrived on Monday and we have been getting stuff organised for his birthday. We are just doing an afternoon tea but want to have lots of yummy things. We have decided on gingerbread (we have leftover dough from Xmas), a mango cheesecake, Costco muffins, cheese, crackers, vegie stickers, salsa, guacamole, chips and a big fruit platter. Plus cake of course! We are making a chocolate cake with a Spiderman topper. Very dangerous that this will be all consumed before my doctor's appointment on Tuesday but I am a bit beyond caring. I have been craving so much sweet stuff lately and have just polished off a small bag of mini eggs courtesy of my friend's trip back to Canada.

We have been doing lots of weeding the last couple of days and my butt and legs are killing me. The whole crouching down thing is a bit hard at the moment so I sat on the ground and did it but ouch every time I get up or sit down at the moment. I have also had heaps of those sudden pains in the upper thigh that only seem to happen when you're pregnant. I'm sure I had them from quite early on with Liam but this time had been lucky up until now.

I have two classes tomorrow which probably should be my last before baby is born. Mum and Liam are coming with me just in case. I guess if my waters suddenly broke or something it mightn't be very good being out alone. Ryuji will stay home with a list of chores to do in preparation for Sunday :-)

Have a fab weekend all!


Nothing to blog about......

But will do so anyway as I'm bored :-) Ryuji and Liam are happily watching the Shin chan movie as I type. I don't think Liam as ever seen the show before but he is giggling away watching it. Him and Ryuji are usually playing all sorts of crazy fighting games at this time of night so they are at least a bit quieter this way.

I had three classes today so was quite a busy beaver. Two were in the city but about half an hours drive away from each other and the last one was here at home. I am glad that I am managing to keep busy as otherwise I would be going insane just sitting around. I have quite a few classes planned for next week too so it will be interesting to see if I am able to do them all or Miss K will suddenly make her appearance. I don't think she will appear before her due date which is the 21st but one never knows I guess. My mum is arriving on Monday so it looks like she will definitely be here when I give birth which is a relief. I will know that Liam is being properly taken care of. I have threatened Ryuji if he doesn't behave I will leave him at home and have mum with me for the birth. I had both of them with me when Liam was born and I'm sure she was probably more supportive but I think I had probably better let Ryuji be there.

I took myself out for a stroll this afternoon as I have been slacking off a bit in the exercise department. I walked at quite a leisurely pace but at one stage managed to roll my ankle and almost fall over. Luckily I didn't but I must have looked quite a sight. It probably didn't help that I was mailing on my phone at the time haha.

Tomorrow will be spent getting the house in order for mum's arrival. I know she won't mind if it's a bit of a mess but she always has her house in a pristine state when we visit so I should put in an effort. I have already written Ryuji a list of chores to do. Unfortunately it looks like the weather is going to be dodgy. We have lots of weeding to but that might have to be put off until after mum arrives. We are having a birthday party for Liam next Saturday and if the weather permits it will be outside so we will have to tidy things up a bit. We usually do our vegie garden around this time of year too but as we will be in Australia for most of July and August have decided not to bother as all the lovely produce would be wasted on Ryuji.

Okay, hopefully will have something more exciting to blog about next time :-)


The terrible almost 5s

My darling son Liam is proving to be a bit of monster lately. I don't know if it's the age or has something to do with the baby coming but it's a very trying time. Probably me being 9 months pregnant and constantly irritable doesn't help dealing with things either. Anyway, today has been especially bad. We went out for hanami with a couple of other international families and he was generally very badly behaved. He is always worse when Ryuji is around as he knows he can get away with more but today was just bad. He was whingey, defiant and plain rude. I gave him a big lecture in the car on the way home and he said how sorry he was but of course that's only until next time. Ryuji and him spend a lot of time at the inlaw's house on the weekend and I decided that he wouldn't be going there this afternoon after his bad behaviour. That of course resulted in another melt down and for the first time ever he has just put himself to sleep on the couch (with lots of tears of course) Ryuji didn't help matters by going out anyway but it's probably preferable that way as Liam is much calmer when he is not around.

So now we have some quiet but I don't know how I am going to stay sane the next week until my mum arrives. I know it will be easier when she does as she won't take any of his crap either and will help me deal with him. I have almost finished my private lessons so we have lots of free time this week and I would usual try to do some social stuff but I think it will be better to stay at home and avoid anymore stressful situations with Liam. He is generally quite well behaved when he is just with me and even though I hear at lot of NO lately I can usually bribe or threaten him into behaving. So yeah I guess I take advantage of the time before the baby comes and give him so quality mummy time. The weather is supposed to be nice so lots of walking might be on the menu too.

In other annoying news, we are hancho for a year from this month. As all of you living in Japan probably know this involves the fun filled task of organising the kairanban and all the other notices that the 15 or so houses in our group need to have delivered. It's a seriously stupid system and I think we are going to be worst hancho in history as I am not very keen about doing it as obviously I will be busy with other stuff. Ryuji is computer illiterate so I guess I will get roped into doing a few things but I have no idea what is going to happen when we are in Australia for almost 2 months over the summer. Anyway, he has a meeting about it all tonight and then next Sunday night another one. I guess they think none of us have lives and are willing to give up our Sunday nights. Crazy!

I am now on weekly appointments so off to the doctor tomorrow. Ryuji's mother is going to come over and look after Liam which is good. As I think I said before I have to have blood taken and he would freak out about that. We made a massive picnic lunch today and I pigged out so I'm sure my weight isn't going to be pretty but as there is only about 2 weeks until my due date I am really beyond caring.

Alright off to enjoy this unusual peace and quiet and read my book for a while.