Two days in a row!

My oh my, who would have thought it was possible ;-)

Kayla has just gone down for a sleep and the boys are out getting up to some kind of mischief so I thought I would attempt a quick post. I have a class at 4 so hopefully Kayla has a decent enough sleep and then wakes up for a quick drinkie before then. Ryuji will be coming home to look after her. With mum being here until yesterday and him working such crazy hours he has escaped most of the babysitting duties. He had to look after her this morning when I had a class at a student`s apartment. There is a park next door to the apartment block so he took Liam and Kayla there. Liam played happily with the other kids there and Kayla howled apparently. I even thought I could hear her from the apartment but maybe I was imagining things. She was asleep when I finished but woke up when she was put in the car so was a very unhappy camper until we got home and could have some of mummy`s cuddles. She is such a different baby to Liam. Liam was such a crier and I often couldn't console him. Kayla is usually happy when she is with me and only complains really boisterously when she is really tired and can`t drop off to sleep. She probably cries the most in the car but that`s also only when she is exhausted. She doesn`t like driving in the dark much either. We drove to Fukuoka last weekend and when we came home at night she was hysterical and ended up crying so much that she vomited. We ended up having to stop at a parking area and get her to sleep and then put her in the car. This was around 7:30 and she then slept until 3:30 which was a good sleep considering she had been so worked up.

So as I mentioned on FB and in my last post, mum went back to Australia yesterday. Even though she will be back again on Nov 20th or sometime around then it was really sad saying goodbye as we had been together since the start of April. The kids and I saw her off on the bullet train platform and there were lots and lots of tears. Liam was so upset! He was still crying after we got into the car and set off home. He has been upset before but got over it quite quickly. The tears didn`t look like ending so we stopped at 7-11 to get ice cream which cheered him up. He spent the rest of the afternoon randomly saying I miss granny but we did some fun things like his study books and going for a walk which kept his mind off it. Ryuji is fortunately off work today so he is having lots of daddy`s attention as well.

In other news, Liam has starting going to a new daycare. It`s a local one about 7 minutes drive away and he is really loving it. There is a daycare about 50m down the road from our place but I decided against sending him there as it`s really small and also if I want to puy Kayla in at times next year it wouldn`t be possible as they only accept kids over 2. He has about 15 kids in the class at the other place and he is having a fabulous time. I didn`t have time to organise him to be in full time in September so he went in the mornings for about 3 days a week. He will start full time from Monday. I thought by not sending him to kindy here I would escape the dorky uniform but alas no. He has a hat and overshirt thing he has to wear to and from there. I have no idea why but of course he is happy because he looks like everyone else. Is this his Japanese side coming out I wonder? I will have to post some pics. Is it difficult to post pictures on here or have I just been lazy for no reason? :-)

We are majorly poor after our trip to Australia and my crazy purchasing of cute kids` clothes so we are now living on a budget. I have started most of my private classes again which also helps and I am trying to cut down on our grocery expenses. I can`t give my fruit and decent bread but I am being good with other stuff. Ryuji is getting way less meat than before. Being the only regular meat eater in our house he used to eat one pack of meat so maybe 200 ~ 300g. I decided this was way too much so he has been getting less. He is also getting Korean/Taiwanese beer which he is not too happy about. He is a smoker though and if he is wasting money buying cigarettes he will have to deal with cheap alcohol. I am so at him to quit but no luck! He gave up before Liam was born and didn`t smoke (I think!) for about a year so it`s so frustrating that he does again. I have threatened to leave him if he gets lung cancer or any other smoking related diseases but that doesn`t help either. Bloody men and bloody Japan, the smokers heaven.

Alright, Kayla is now awake and not too happy about being dumped in the Bumbo so I will be off :-)

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  1. Yay, I am so glad that you are blogging again. I missed your updates :)

    Going home and not spending a lot of money is really difficult hey! The kids clothes are just so much cuter than stuff you can get here. I too went over our budget and am now trying to save as much money as possible because I know our 6 week stint in Australia in November is really going to cut into our savings... yikes!

    I think posting pictures on blogger is fairly easy... would love to see you posting pics on your blog :)

    Leilah is pretty good in the car - as long as she isn't in there all day. Some days though she does nut out in the car and it is the hardest to handle... You can't comfort them at all when they are in their car seats, hey!

  2. Hi Nay! I am glad to be blogging again too and am going to try really hard to keep it up.

    Good luck with your saving for Australia! You must be excited going for so long. It will be nice for Leilah to spend her first Christmas there. Liam had his first one there as well so I am a bit sad that Kayla won`t but winter in Townsville is too lovely to miss out on. Enjoy the clothes shopping too! I hate shopping for kids clothes here coz there is hardly any cute stuff.

    Kayla is the same with the car. She doesn`t seem to like being put in and out of her seat all day either. It`s hard hearing them cry but as you said there is nothing that can be done and hopefully they will get used to it sometime.

    You spurred me into action with the photos and it was much easier than I expected. Thanks :-)

  3. I'm glad to see you back too!

    I know how holidays blow the budget! We are going for 9 weeks all up and with only one income in our house I am thinking I don't want to be on a budget while on hols :(

    Glad to hear Liam likes the new daycare, it's probably great timing starting after your mum has left as it will occupy his mind. I hate kindy clothes too! Why are they white??? and ours have nylon shorts which are too hot in summer and too cold in winter.... I think I would be better at designing school unoforms!

  4. Thanks Achan! I`m glad to see you have worked out your computer problems and are back online!

    You must be looking forward to your trip home! 9 weeks is great! We did 7 weeks this year and it was wonderful. I want to go home for at least the same amount next year. Hope you have a wonderful time!